Interior Designing trends Post COVID-19

After the COVID-19 pandemic, home and office space are going through a transformation phase. It's now serving multipurpose tasks at one place—office, classroom, gym, spa, recreation, yoga studio, and many more. COVID-19 virus has affected the interior designing industry too, though we should take it as an opportunity for exploring new dimensions which we wouldn't have dared to go in a normal situation. The latest trend of interior designing offers the solution for multifunctionality, flexibility, and adaptability to your living space and workspace. Interior designing has already incorporated new measures to keep pace with the changing time.

Mindfulness & Wellness

COVID-19 pandemic allowed us to stay peaceful and creative with nature and loved ones. We were forced to slow down and see the life around which we were ignoring. A house serves multiple purposes apart from living so the interior design too has to be flexible with the ever-changing needs.

We are planting more trees and decorating balconies with lamps and lighting to alleviate the beauty of nature. Relaxing cream or yellow color in the home, designer lighting with lots of indoor plants keep the spirit alive.

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Flexible & Adaptable Approach

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Home is now office space too. The current trend is to accommodate current and future needs, for home as well as office. Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to survival in COVID- 19 crises. Hygienic measures, clean living, proper air ventilation, extra space for plantation, and a soothing environment are the prime focus area of interior designing post- COVID-19.

A reinvention of the Individual Workspace

Post-COVID world, we see the personalized seating model of individual cubical is coming back with some modification. Common space for respite and relaxation will continue but boundaries between personal space will become more prominent. Higher priority will be given to the private workspace.

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Cost-effective use of Resources

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Workplace wellness programs offer many amenities and recreation activities which are going to be declined after the COVID-19 surge. People are more hygiene conscious and prefer homemade stuff and social distancing. This new ongoing health concern is developing a best practice of cleanliness and cost-effective use of resources.

Creating Workspace in Home

Work from home culture is boosting the demand for multi-functional spaces in a home so multiple tasks can be done from home. Stylish and comfortable furniture, elegant lighting, and efficient storage are needed at home for simulating the office.

Additional requirements of soundproof rooms for video calls, separate space for online classes, and for other facilities are rising demand in home interior designing.

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Hygiene & Sanitation Provision

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After the COVID-19 infection, there is accelerating demand for maintaining hygiene in the office and home. New technologies for the provision of air purifiers, germ-resistant materials, air quality monitoring, filtration are the latest trends.

Designing for a private exercise space and home gym with access to fresh air and natural light creates a natural environment.

We developed sensitivity towards nature and community and the same is reflecting in the interior designing of living and workspace.