Our Team

Sri Harsha Surapaneni
Founder and Principal Designer
Woodz & Nails Interiors
Design is mostly intuitive for Sri Harsha Surapaneni. He masters the art of transforming spaces into beautiful, stylish, unique and functional ones. His signature designs inspired by travel, nature, architecture and art can be found in numerous residences & commercial spaces across Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.
His interest in creating exquisite interiors started with his research for the design of his own home, back in 2014. As he started working on design projects with friends & family, his interest turned into passion. He quit his corporate job and started his own interior design firm - Woodz & Nails Interiors. And the rest, as they say, is history.
As a creator of experiences, Harsha believes that every new project is an invitation to embark on a fascinating journey. He understands that interior design of a home should reflect the owners personality & perception of life. In order to achieve this, he places himself in the shoes of the clients to learn, understand & recognise their ideas, perceptions & desires to bring their dream home to life.
Naveen Kumar Chitkul
Woodz & Nails Interiors
Naveen Kumar's journey started off as an IT professional, he also explored various other career paths such as designing & animation. In 2002, he developed interest in 3D software & stepped into the world of architecture. He then moved into designing & execution of fabulous interiors.
Life took a turn with a work opportunity in Bahrain. He got a chance to work with international clients & gained hands-on experience with the latest technologies. He then partnered with Woodz & Nails to take interiors in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana to the next level. He is extremely passionate about executing the finest designs that are both aesthetic & functional. He truly believes that the key to success in interior world is to offer top notch service with zero compromise in quality.
On the personal front, Naveen is happily married and enjoys music and creating geometric figures through cardboard.